A digital solution for Infection Prevention & Control

Our products track where pathogens may have spread, enabling rapid and accurate action to prevent them infecting the next person

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Preventing the spread of Healthcare Acquired Infections

Proxximos believes that a digital solution can improve contact tracing in hospitals, as it is:

  • Fast – finds infected people before they are infectious
  • Accurate – highlights exposed people with precision
  • Automatic – frees clinical staff from the work of manual contact tracing
  • Multi-pathogen – effective against any communicable disease
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Today's contact tracing in hospitals

Manual and labour intensive

Contact tracing has been used to control the spread of infectious disease for over 100 years.  Today, it is used in hospitals when a new infection of concern is discovered (MRSA, C.diff, TB, Covid-19, etc).  Nurses try to work out who else been exposed so that infection control measures can be taken (isolating the exposed patient, using PPE, etc).  This process is done manually with pen and paper by asking people who they have been near, when and for how long


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How does Proxximos work

Wearables keep track of the opportunities for pathogens to spread

We have developed a solution designed for use in hospitals. We adapt the existing NHS staff pass carrier to include electronics capable of keeping track of all transmission paths, all of the time.  This data can then be used to instantly, accurately, automatically find people who have been exposed

Patients also carry wearables, for example as part of their identification wristband, adapted to their needs


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Our next steps

A clinical investigation of the solution

Proxximos is working with Manchester NHS Trust to conduct a clinical investigation of this innovative approach during 2023

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Our Partners

Proxximos is working with and enjoys support from a number of outstanding organisations

Clinical Investigation Partnership

A clinical investigation in the ICU for evidence generation

Manufacture of Proxximos Devices

UK-based electronic medical device manufacturer with design capability and supply chain expertise

The Francis Crick Institute accelerator

Proxximos is in Cohort 5.0 and enjoys the expertise, funding, advice and support provided by this programme

Support via grant funding

Proxximos is pleased to have secured grant funding from the Innovate UK Biomedical Catalyst competition

Cambridge life-sciences VC

Our lead private investor

Cloud/Computing Services

Supporting Proxximos as part of their start up programmes

Membership organisation

Proxximos is pleased to be a corporate member of the healthcare focused Infection Prevention Society

Recent News

Latest news about Proxximos or papers and articles about digital contact tracing


Proxximos Joins KQ Labs

We are excited to announce that Proxximos has been select...

We are excited to announce that Proxximos has been selected for the KQ Labs Accelerator run by The Francis Crick Institute  

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Academic Papers

Economic Cost of Hospital Acquired Infections

A study published in the British Medical Journey that exa...

A study published in the British Medical Journey that examined the economic cost of hospital acquired infections.  Important headlines are that hospital acquired infections account for 21% of NHS England's bed capacity due to overstaying patients....

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Academic Papers

Covid-19 transmission between people

An interactive model of Covid-19 transmission between two...

An interactive model of Covid-19 transmission between two people from The British Medical Journal.  This fantastic article contains an interactive model of the risk of transmission between two people.  The Proxximos system contains algorithms to m...

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Academic Papers

Proxximos precursor effectively eradicated Covid-19

Proxximos founders co-led a project in early 2020 to tria...

Proxximos founders co-led a project in early 2020 to trial digital contact tracing on the Isle of Wight, alongside other aspects of the UK Test and Trace system.  The results of this trial were studied by Oxford University and published by The Lan...

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