About Us

A team of socially minded entrepreneurs on a mission to see a world largely free of communicable disease

Our Mission

Our company exists to combat communicable infectious disease. We believe this is an urgent task for humanity. We will do this by providing the digital tools and information needed to protect workplaces and communities. Our first product is designed for infection prevention and control in healthcare

We are also developing solutions for care homes, cruise ships, film sets, and other workplaces where infection can cause costly disruption.  Longer term we plan to tackle public health issues in communities.  Our vision is world largely free from communicable disease


Of beds in NHS

The number of beds occupied by patients who should be home, but are overstaying because they caught a Hospital Acquired Infection

£2-3 billion

Of treatment costs

The direct treatment costs of looking after the people who catch Hospital Acquired Infections

1,000 years

Of work per year

The time consumed conducting manual contact tracing per year in the NHS

Join us and let’s create a world largely free of communicable disease

  • Just like a serum vaccine, our digital approach works best when a lot of people in a hospital, workplace or community use it
  • We cannot prevent someone bringing an infection into your community or workplace, but we can prevent it spreading
  • Most people catch a communicable disease from someone else, if we can stop that happening we can enjoy a world largely free of communicable disease
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Our Values

A company with a social purpose


We like endlessly curious people, we love to hear and consider new thoughts rather than sweep past them


We like those with the courage to try new things and think bold thoughts. It is alright to fail, get up, and try again

Team spirit

We value those who support and nuture as much as those who lead. We only succeed as a team


Evidence carries the weight in our decisions. Diseases don’t do spin and status, we have to back the evidence to defeat disease


We look to ourselves to solve issues, and expect the same of others. We take responsibility, and are not passive


Doing what we say. Speaking truth to each other. Being able to see our faults

Our Team

A diverse, multidisciplinary team spanning the full spectrum of relevant disciplines – from ethics to engineering, behavioural sciences to epidemiology.

Peter Whawell

Chief Executive Officer

Wael Elrifai

Chief Technology Officer

Martin Pipe

Sales & Partnerships Director

Dr Tim Crayford

Chief Medical Officer

Megan Joseph

Executive Business Support

Nick Ball

Finance Director


A diverse, multidisciplinary team spanning the full spectrum of relevant disciplines – from ethics to engineering, behavioural sciences to epidemiology

Behavioural Science

International Behavioural Science Consultancy Director

Infections Diseases

Consultant in infectious diseases at Great Ormond Street Hospital


Professor and former Director of Turing Institute

Security & Privacy

Former senior National Cyber Security Centre member

Digital Contact Tracing

Former Chief Science Advisor who lead on UK digital contact tracing

Public Health

Doctor and former Chief Data Officer at NHS England

Healthcare Law & Ethics

Publicly honoured Law Professor


Professor and chair of university Department of Electrical Engineering