Proxximos is developing products to meet the requirements of healthcare or corporate settings, public health authorities in high-income countries, and public health needs in low-income countries

Healthcare or Corporate Settings

A system to aid Infection Prevention & Control in hospitals and workplaces

Prevention and Control

With Proxximos installed, if someone falls ill you can trace where else the infection may have spread so you can act to prevent outbreaks.  The system can also highlight avoidable infection pathways so you can make the facility more bio-secure

Wearable and mobile options

Provide users with either a wearable or mobile app. The facility’s management have a WebApp that enables them to monitor for disease, understand the risk that people are infected, and take proportionate action to protect other people and continue operations

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Protect lives, livelihoods and the economy

Works for Covid-19, existing diseases or the next pandemic

The approach is pathogen agnostic, so suitable for current communicable diseases, future pandemics, or against manmade bio-weapons

Detailed granular data for public health management

How much is Proxximos suppressing the R-rate?  How fast are vaccines fading?  Do screens and PPE work?  The disease contact graph provides a full picture.

Zero personal data

Our system uniquely has zero personal data, yet provides the rich picture needed to manage public health

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NGOs in developing economies

Proxximos is explicitly designed to work in countries with older mobile phones and where data protection is maturing. The system requires zero personal data, no local infrastructure and no integrations with other systems in order to work well.

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Designed for our customers


Ease of adoption

The core product is Software-as-a-Service. Requires no integrations with other systems



Identify and avoid transmission risk before disease happens. Reduce the chances of something spreading before it arrives


Rapid response

Potentially infected people informed the instant a case is discovered. Maximizes the opportunity to stop the spread straight away


Individual advice

Provides the individual's probability of infection. Enables tailored advice on the basis of risk and circumstances


Wearable options

A range of wearable options caters for situations when mobile phones are not suitable


Safe and secure

Proxximos need hold no personal data. Corporate customers can keep personal data on their existing systems

How It Works

Six stages to gain and maintain control of communicable disease

  • Adoption

    Users a wearable device or app on their phone. The customer familiarises themselves with the WebApp for monitoring and control

  • Anonymous Recording

    The wearable uses Bluetooth Low Energy and Ultra Wide Band to record other devices nearby and the context of the encounters

  • Prevention

    Before anyone is inflected, users and management can see infection pathways and can remove avoidable risks

  • Reporting An Infection

    If a user develops symptoms or tests positive they, or a healthcare worker, enter this in the system

  • Tailored Guidance

    Our advanced algorithms calculate the actual risk of infection of other users or areas of contamination

  • Sustaining The Defence

    Users are kept informed about successful interventions so that everyone knows it is working and keeps up their procedures

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