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How is Proxximos installed?

Corporate or healthcare wearable deployments

There are two stages when deploying this configuration.

First, a small number of hubs are installed that communicate with the wearables.  These just need a power supply and WiFi connection.  Proxximos will provide guidance on the best locations to provide adequate coverage.  There is considerable flexibility about where they are positioned.

Secondly, wearables are issues to everyone using the workspace.  This ideally includes a few “visitor” wearables.

The system is then monitored and controlled from a WebApp, so you just need an internet connection.  Proxximos provide training (less than an hour).  You are up and running!

Corporate or healthcare mobile deployments

This is similar to the wearable deployment, except staff or visitors use a mobile App instead of a wearable.  Proxximos is building this App.  The App can carry your company logo.  You will be able to mix and match wearables and mobiles if there are areas of your facilities where mobiles are not allowed.  This is a future product.

Public Health deployments

The App is designed to be white label so national or public health branding can be used.  The public health authority uses the WebApp to monitor and apply controls to the system.  Members of the public download the App from the App stores.

Hubs can be provided for installation in venues.  This provides automated venue check-in and improves accuracy of the risk as the mobile phones become aware of the context of encounters.

Screens, and other infection control measures, can be tagged with Bluetooth transponders (no power required) that allows phones to disregard encounters happening where a screen if present between people for example.

The Proxximos WebApp supports the recording of hub locations for asset tracking, etc.

This is a future product