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How does Proxximos handle privacy concerns?

Zero personal data

Proxximos has avoided creating privacy risk by designing a core system that requires zero personal data.  The team has experience in state-level security design and has applied that know-how to the core system.  This is the ideal way to handle privacy concerns – by not holding private data in the first place.  This is very important since digital contact tracing would carry potentially serious intrusion risks if the core system contained personnel data.  Proxximos has a Privacy Policy, but this applies only to normal business operations (marketing, etc) not to the system we provide.

Personal data options

Although our core system contains no personal data, our customers have told us that they would like to know who has fallen ill and who might be infected.  Proxximos has therefore built in an option for customers to hold personal data that allows them to see into data relating to their own personnel whilst present on their premises.  The data controller for that option is the customer and not Proxximos.

Less mature data protection jurisdictions

Proxximos intends to licence the core product in jurisdictions with weak or developing data privacy protections.  But Proxximos will not provide the personal data options available in these circumstances.