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What are the product benefits?

Prevents cases becoming outbreaks

When a case occurs, the system administrator or users receive instant advice on proportional, tailor actions that will prevent an outbreak occurring.  This prevents loss of revenue caused by disruptions or closures.

Improves biosecurity

The system can provide a picture of how fast a disease would spread before any infections occur.  It can also show the best ways to mitigate down the risk of disease spread.  This means fewer interventions are required when a case does occur because it will have had less chance to infect others.

Improved stakeholder engagement

The system enables evidenced based engagement with stakeholders such as employee representative and public health authorities.  This enables customers to demonstrate that they have taken sufficient action to prevent the spread of disease so enables confidence in the occupancy rate of facilities

Removal of costly, unproven mitigations

With accurate data on the real risk of spread, other costly mitigations can be scaled back (cleaning rotas, reduced capability operation, etc)

Improved staff re-assurance

Enables demonstrable safer workplaces, better protected against infectious diseases

Future proof

The system is effective against communicable diseases in general, not just Covid-19.  If is therefore a strategic investment in business continuity in the event of future infectious disease outbreaks or bad flu seasons, etc