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Real world examples

A Proxximos precursor was deployed in May 2020 on the Isle of Wight and appeared to effectively eradicate Covid-19 over the 4 weeks post deployment.  Oxford University conducted the evaluation and the results were published in The Lancet Epidemiological changes on the Isle of Wight after the launch of the NHS Test and Trace programme: a preliminary analysis – The Lancet Digital Health.  The Proxximos team have improved further upon the system since then, and the approach is more than 4 times more powerful (a doubling of compatible user devices and now including airborne transmission vector as well as the droplet vector).  A wearable deployment in a healthcare or corporate facility would perform even better still, due to further advances in accuracy and coverage.

Prototype deployment in progress

Proxximos is currently deploying the prototype product in a manufacturing company’s design offices and manufacturing and warehouse floors.