Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a real world example?

Real world examples A Proxximos precursor was deployed in May 2020 on the Isle of Wight and appeared to effectively eradicate Covid-19 over the 4 weeks post deployment.  Oxford University conducted the evaluation and the results were published in The Lancet Epidemiol... Read More >>

How is Proxximos installed?

Corporate or healthcare wearable deployments There are two stages when deploying this configuration. First, a small number of hubs are installed that communicate with the wearables.  These just need a power supply and WiFi connection.  Proxximos will provide guidance... Read More >>

Is Proxximos a hardware solution?

Proxximos is largely a Software-as-a-Service solution In the standard system users use an App on their phones, and customers use a WebApp to administer the system.  This is designed to be scalable – so that the system can meet the threat of a major bio-risk suc... Read More >>

What are the product benefits?

Prevents cases becoming outbreaks When a case occurs, the system administrator or users receive instant advice on proportional, tailor actions that will prevent an outbreak occurring.  This prevents loss of revenue caused by disruptions or closures. Improves biosecur... Read More >>

How does Proxximos handle privacy concerns?

Zero personal data Proxximos has avoided creating privacy risk by designing a core system that requires zero personal data.  The team has experience in state-level security design and has applied that know-how to the core system.  This is the ideal way to handle priv... Read More >>